The Session consists of elders and a pastor who is also the moderator or chairperson.

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. ) are: sessions, presbyteries, synods and the General Assembly.

The Church of England of the Interregnum (1649–60) was run along Presbyterian lines but never became a national Presbyterian church, such as existed in Scotland, and England was not the theocratic state.


. At the congregational level, there are sessions, deacons, and directors. The governing bodies of the Presbyterian Church (U.


The Presbyterian Church is governed by a hierarchy of three courts or governing bodies which exercise their authority at a local, regional and national level. A. A.

any compromise of the basic doctrine and hierarchy of the church. Most Southerners sided with the Old School.

Most Southerners sided with the Old School.

The Presbyterian Church of Australia is a part of the Christian Church throughout the world.

There are only two types of churches—those that are hierarchical and those that practice true elder rule per the Scripture. Many of the religious movements that originated during the Protestant Reformation were more democratic in organization.

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What is the hierarchy of the Presbyterian Church? So it is a representative form of government that rules the Presbyterian Church and is better known as the Presbyterian Polity.

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8. . They believed that each congregation was autonomous, and that there should be no overarching denominational hierarchy. But it’s not. Although in 1837 the total.

The word presbyterian is from the Greek word presbuteros, which is usually translated “elder.

The governing bodies of the Presbyterian Church (U. Another type of church polity is the presbyterian form.

Control of the Church is divided between the clergy and the congregants.


In this form of government, authority rests not with a single individual but with the body of elders or presbyters.


The Presbyterian Church is a Protestant Christian religious denomination that was founded in the 1500s.