477AWHP and 480 lb/ft of torque.

300hp / 275tq mustang dyno.

fc-falcon">Evolution Racewerks Turbo to Intercooler Charge Pipe. .

【2015 BMW 428i 2.

Appears unmodified stock from the outside.

and again best Stage 2+ 100-200 in 8. He will be throwing on a metal outlet here soon, and we will go back to the dyno for. Stylish powder-coated steel or brushed aluminum cover blocks heat and directs cold air to the filter while quieting intake noise.


Results: A new N20 2. Includes refundable $775 core charge. “The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”.

Our new STG2+ upgrade turbos are here to push the envelope even further. .


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. Regular price $332.

DP, ATM intercooler, stage 2 fuel pump, AEM 30-3350 meth kit with Devils Own DO10 single nozzle, n20 plugs gapped at. .

From the factory, the BMW 328I makes 268 horsepower and 258 ft/lbs of torque.


91 octane: 265-275whp. BimmerpostModel Selection. Brilliant car as a cheap quick daily.

BM3 Flash tune. $ 2,630. . In addition it has much more power to redline. .

Mods:- Custom 93oct Tune by Cary Jordan- Snow Performance Stage 2 Methanol Injection Kit- VRSF 5’’ Intercooler- ER.

. It also delivers better fuel economy.

Apr 6, 2012 · Compared to the previous 328i N52 motor the N20 is much more responsive and has excellent low end torque characteristics.

-Utilizes all OEM housings.

Get up to 35 wheel horsepower on a fully stock car, with the option to limit boost by gear or RPM for better.


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