Along with Poppy, other wild nature names for girls in the US Top 1000 include Aspen, Ember, Ivy, and Meadow.


. Find the name of a princess or a king, pair names, or animal character names—here are 100 fantastic names for you to choose from.



Corbin or Korbin or Korbyn. . For example, Beans, Blackberry, or Starbuck make fun.


Corbin or Korbin or Korbyn. Wilder (English origin), meaning "wild or untamed animal" 14. Trending Male Dog Names.

Methuselina. Titano Zord*.

Peak Popularity: Alvina was most popular in 1891 when 518 of every million babies were given this name.

Duncan – dark warrior.

The Best Dinosaur Names For Pets. There’s nothing like a classic male dog name, and these have stood the test of time.

Animal Boy Baby Names with Meanings. Although some of the more usual names are, cygnet, gosling, and pinkie.

So, go through the article to explore the names of the different animals, both living and extinct and also the different categories of animals.


" Apollos - Great name for a tough breed such as a Pit Bull or Doberman. . The most popular and simple names can cause confusion on crowded days.

Oct 24, 2022 · Zippora - Hebrew name meaning “bird. Trike. . Dec 14, 2022 · Adam Sandler named his Bulldog Meatball (a hilarious and unusual choice!). Ben and Jerry.


". Alex.

Feb 11, 2022 · Nature-Inspired Unique Boy Names.

Bert and Ernie.

Fern - English, means “green shady plant” Ferris - Irish, means “rock” Fiore - Italian, means “flower” Fisher - English, means “fisherman” Forrest - French, means.

The best dinosaur themed pet names come from a wide range of sources.